Aurora Missile Design
Auto-generate missile / buoy designs for Aurora 4x ( Official game forums - Subreddit )
Enter your technology:
Missile specs
Enter guidelines to use to design the missile:
Reserved MSP
Enter MSP size of extra components for your own use:
Damage / MSP:   Total size (MSP):   Payload MSP:
Agility / MSP:     Reactor MSP:
Engine technology:   or Fixed damage value:   Sensor MSP:
Fuel consumption:   Enemy target speed (km/s):   Armor MSP:
Min. engine power modifier: %   Enemy point defense tracking speed (km/s):   ECM MSP:
Max. engine power modifier: %   Missile range goal (M km):      
(Use the engine power modifiers listed under the Power and Propulsion
technology. The maximum will be doubled for the missile. You may choose
a higher minimum to narrow the search range, but use the real maximum.)
    (To create the first stage of a missile, set the total
size of the payload missile(s) as the payload size
and set the first stage's damage to be fixed at zero.)
(For anti-missiles, pick Fixed damage = 1 and zero PD tracking speed.)